Projects to test the skills

Hello guys! I’ve been studying coding for a while with Udemy and on FCC, I’ve already built some projects, I’ve done some websites and I feel like I’m not ready to look for jobs yet, I just want to learn more, what I miss though it’s some sort of projects Ideas I could do, like building a website with a giving design, or make a web app to do certain things. Is there any site/book/whatever in which I can find that sort of material?

ps. I know there are some projects on FCC but I would like to build others with different ideas.

Thanks in advance!

Our NGO needs some simpler work done on data visualization, but I guess you’re not that far yet?

You could build other simple games that aren’t tic-tac-toe. Hangman comes to mind. Or a simple painting app. Or an interface to google translate that only outputs some uncommon language. Or …

Wes Bos’ free JavaScript30 course has 30 small projects to improve your JavaScript.

If you want to work on design you could always try replicating the layouts, and some of the functionality, of websites that you admire. For example, Stripe has this pretty nifty drop down menu on their navbar.

I don’t know whether you’ve seen the beta curriculum, but there are new freeCodeCamp projects your can try out, too.

See the beta curriculum here:

This article from the FCC Medium publication looks applicable The secret to being a top developer is building things! Here’s a list of fun apps to build!

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