QA Issue Tracker - 14 functional tests

Hi guys! Yet again I am here with a problem…hopefully one that is (like the others) an easy fix that I am carelessly missing. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help with moving past this!

For the Quality Assurance “Issue Tracker” project, my code pasts all tests except the last one, “All 14 functional tests are complete and passing.” I am also consistently getting this message on the project submission page (pictured in screenshot below): “[Error: expected { status: ‘unavailable’ } to be an array]”

My Replit is here:

Some info and screenshots:

The 14 functional tests are passing:

All the other tests are passing:

This text displays above my tests on the freeCodeCamp submission page:

The “expected array” error message is apparently related to this:

NODE-ENV=test is already in "Secrets"3



The environment variable should be NODE_ENV not NODE-ENV

Why do you have both a mongoose.connect and a MongoClient connect?


OMG… THANK YOU :sob::sob::sob:

Also idk id have to look into that :sob:


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