QA Issue Tracker: trouble passing functional tests

Regarding QA project 2- Issue Tracker at:

I’ve finished my project and all seems to be working fine.
All the FCC tests pass except the one for the 14 functional tests:

The 14 functional tests pass in the Replit console:

When I run the tests from the FCC project site, I can see the following error in the console:
“frame-runner.js:98 Error: expected { status: ‘unavailable’ } to be an array
at eval (eval at (VM5065 frame-runner.1c375504ee6a75a80029.js:2), :15:11)”

At the same time, I get a message of “undefined” logged in the Replit console at the end:

Here’s the join link to my code:

Any suggestions?

Set your NODE_ENV environment variable (in secrets) to test, as discussed here.

Thanks! Now everything passes.
I had set this correctly on previous trials, but apparently I forgot to set it back after fixing another bug.

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