Quality Assurance Certification Course

Hi. I’m trying to take the Quality Assurance Certification Course, but I don’t know how to make my website LIVE, like the instructions say to on the first step.

I forked the project, cloned it to my computer, made the changes for the first tests, but when I upload my LIVE URL it doesn’t work.

Can someone help me with this so I can take the course?

Course link: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/quality-assurance/

What do you mean by LIVE URL?

Basically, you have to use a URL that, for instance, I could visit. So if you are using http://localhost:3000, well, that won’t work because it’s not live on the internet, I can’t view your code from my laptop here.

Now if you have your own webserver, well, that would work, but as most people learning to code don’t have their own webserver, there are free services that you can use to host your work. They are kind of like CodePen, but allow you to do more than just JS, CSS, and HTML.

In the course, at the top it gives a link for a Replit clone. Replit is a site offering to host various online code projects. If you click the link, it will build a Replit clone for you to use of the code (you will need to sign up for an account first). Then you finish the code, hit RUN and it will show you your website. It also gives you a URL, which you can then submit to freeCodeCamp course for checking.

There are other hosting sites too. I’ve posted one of me projects to Heroku once, just to see if I could, and that worked, although it wasn’t as straight forward to use as Replit in my opinion, especially since they disabled automatic link to a github project. But Heroku is likely less buggy than Replit once up and running (Replit timed out a lot during testing for me). There are a lot of other options as well.

I’ve been using netlify to post my test sites live. Depends what requirements you have, but they allow you to host static pages free by linking them to your github account.

What I mean by LIVE is I used a public URL with Github, similar to this link:

But it didn’t work …

Please note, that is not the repo for the freecodecamp course. That’s just an example of what I did with Github that wasn’t working

a github repo is not the live site, it’s just a link to the code, like the github repo for freecodecamp is not the live site

I see. Is there a way to make Github live? Or should I just use the Replit example they give?

you need to host your project somewhere - replit is suggested because it creates a live app preview that you can submit, you can import your repo to replit to use that

or you can host your site on services like Heroku or Netlify

Thank you all for your help!

You can do the QA challenges using localhost (submit http://localhost:3000). In fact, you may have more success with the last 3 Headless Browser tests locally than on Replit (those tests are a bit wonky on Replit).

I think you can do all the backend challenges using localhost.

But they all do say “When you are done, make sure a working demo of your project is hosted somewhere public.”. So I’m not sure if that is a requirement so they can be checked or what.

Exactly what lasjorg says… I started out using Replit, but after I setup VSCode on my local machine I found using that a lot more convenient. You can setup and run your Node.JS code, access it in your browser with the http://localhost:3000/, and you can even check your results on the freeCodeCamp project pages by submitting http://localhost:3000 and see if you pass all the requirements… but you just won’t be allowed to fully submit the code with localhost. So after finishing my code and passing the tests, I just copied the code to Replit for submitting.

the challenges are only tested, not saved, you can use localhost there; the requirement to have the app live is only for the projects. You can use localhost also to test the projects, but you can submit only a live app hosted somewhere

I was just commenting on the message all the challenges seem to share. As far as I can tell, all the challenges has the same note about making sure a working demo of your project is hosted somewhere public.

But the project submission page checks the URL and if you try to post localhost it gives the message “Remember to submit a publicly visible app URL.”.

Even though I often forget about it, I do realize only the final projects count toward the certificate. So it makes sense.

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