Question about getting a certificate and CodePen

Hi, I have a question related to projects needed for a certification.

I’ve finished all 5 projects needed for a Responsive Web Design Certification, but I’d made them in VSCode, instead of CodePen, to be able to use images and stuff like that. After I’ve finished working on a project, I’ve copied it to CodePen to get a link I can paste on project page (FFC). Thing is, I’ve deleted those CodePens from my profile, after that and from what I can see in the FCC settings, there are buttons which lead to my CodePen solutions (which don’t exist anymore). It is possible for me to get a certificate, but I’m curious, if I should create those CodePens again, just to come out clean, or it doesn’t matter in the end?

I personally added them, screenshot the cert, then removed. But honestly, come to think about it, it doesnt even matter. My quality stuff I push to github and that’s the link I would provide a potential job offer, not codepen. I also host it to have a live version to show… I do it with netlify and heroku.
Just do what you have to do to get that cert.

Okay, thank you for your answer!

as the projects are integral part of the certification, if you delete the projects there is no more proof you did them, and if your account is audited the certification can be revoked

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