Question about uploading my portfolio

Hi! I have some job requests on linkedin and I need to upload some works to actually apply to those jobs but I have a little doubt about uploading my portfolio for getting my first job.

For a start I was working on 3 complete websites in html/css/js for my portfolio besides the ones I build for FCC. Unlike the ones for FCC I’m using pug/sass which is how I build my sites ussually, but at the moment to upload my files I have these questions:

1- Should I upload my src code or just the public version?
2- For public version can I use my generated minified versions of css/js or is better if I don’t minify my files?
3- wich options I have without getting a hosting to upload these sites? Besides github, there is some place that could be better to show my work?

Also besides with I learned on FCC I learned PHP on the past and had build some sites using CMS, more like themes and plugins for wordpress/joomla should I upload these plugins/themes to wordpress/joomla markets or what options I have?

Thanks in advance!

I think the most optimal setup for work you want to show off should have the following:

  1. A production “live” instance somewhere that is hosted/running and accessible from anywhere on the internet without any registration/sign-up.
  2. Source code open sourced on github
  3. Both are referenced on your main portfolio, including screenshots of the UI.

Not all project’s can meet all these requirements, like a CLI tool can’t meet the first one, but since your portfolio can reference essentially all your project, you can “spice things up” in there as much as you can, so people can at least get a sense of what went into the project.

Source on github. Minified/compiled/“public” versions of code require people curious to download it and know how to run it. Which is non-optimal as few recruiters will go through those steps.

This really depends on how your work is managed/created. You could host your source on github, then compile+push to a dedicated hosting provider. If its static assets, github pages will work. If you require a back-end, then I’d suggest Heroku for no other reason than it has a free tier.

I don’t know much about wordpress or PHP, so I couldn’t help here.

Regardless of what you do, I suggest making things as accessible as possible, meaning easy to find and view, and as open as possible, so those that find your work, can examine as much of it as possible. Doing this will lower the barrier of entry for recruiters, and interested parties and thus increase your chances that they will reach out to you.

Make things harder, and less people will reach out.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:

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I will get some host on the future when I need it, For a start I will only upload 3 demo websites and some JS basic games, it’s just to show what I can do. So github it is! Thanks brad!

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