Question: How do I earn an income as a programming student?

How do I earn an income as a programming student?
(Example: Create a Blog, but how can I monetize a small blog?)
Edit: This phrase about blog is just a example, I love programming.

I’ve tried freelancing, but it didn’t work

I’m very unsure of my skills

Thanks in advance

Well, creating a blog and monetizing it are a very different subject. Most bloggers are not coders and use pre-written blogging software and services.

How do you make money blogging? That isn’t really a topic for this forum. I imagine that you have to have a blog that people want to read so advertisers will pay to have ads on your site, or for which people want to subscribe or buy merch.

Is there a subject on which you are very knowledgeable and for which you can write interesting posts? By your own admission you aren’t good at coding yet so it can’t be that. I suppose you could write about your coding learning process, but coding in general seems like a saturated market.

But maybe you are an expert in Thai cooking and can write an interesting blog about that. But doing that won’t require much if any coding knowledge.

To get back to coding, I think it would be 1-3 years before you are able to make a living doing that. (That is just a wild guess - there are too many factors, and even if they knew them all in your case, I could still only take a slightly less wild guess.)

Hi @kaukdsv !

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I think a lot of people are attracted to making money on the side as a freelancer but they underestimate how much work it will take.

Freelancing in any industry is no easy task. It took me years of hustling in Los Angeles, before I was able to make a steady income as a musician.

Whether you are creating a blog, a youtube channel or selling courses online, it takes a certain skillset to generate a stable income.

You have to be able to create good content that people are interested in and know how to market yourself so people know you exist.

No matter what route you take, it takes years to develop a steady income.

In the beginning, you are going to have to get used to the fact that money will be sporadic and probably on the lower side since you don’t have a lot of experience yet.

I am not trying to discourage you I just want to give you realistic expectations.
I don’t want you to go in thinking that the money is just going to roll after a few months of work.

If you are serious about creating a side income, you are going to need to do some research on how to accomplish that and identify what your strengths are.

Also, study successful people that have made their living as bloggers, or youtubers, etc.

You might be interested in this article

Hope this helps!


You could try building and publishing apps from your programming projects. That’s what I did, some made nothing, and other apps did a little better. It’s really difficult to make decent money on the app stores, but you could get lucky, and it’s a good learning experience.

Sorry, I didn’t want the sentence on the blog to be the subject, it was just an example

Thanks so much, I don’t want to be famous or something else, but I still need money :frowning:

Thank you very much, but, just publish the application? like this? I did not understand

What happened when you tried freelancing that discouraged you/didn’t work for you?

Hello ajkilmurray.
I just tried to apply myself to jobs, but there is always a better proposal than mine and someone with more experience.

What agencies/sites did you use for freelancing? By the sounds of it, you only tried a few. You should setup profiles on multiple freelancing platforms. Getting that first job is always the most difficult, but patience and consistency is key.

Some sites are:


There are also smaller ones out there that aren’t as well known, but still receive clients in need of freelancers. The larger the site, the more competition. Having a portfolio and vouches/reviews for people to see is also extremely important.


I never talked about becoming famous :grinning:

What I am talking about is making some sort of side income with your skillset.

There will always be someone with more skills than you.

Your job is to learn how to connect with clients and get them to say yes.

I think you need to do some research on what it will take to become successful in making a side income.

You could start with these articles.


When I first started learning I used to build apps that just used html, css, and js. There’s lots of other options available too if you search online.

Basically I set out to try to come up with new ideas and build stuff that would help me learn the technology and hopefully be useful to myself or others. Don’t publish tutorials, but after you’ve gone through a few lessons, try to make your own unique stuff with the goal of learning a few new things along the way.

As mentioned, I wouldn’t plan on making quick or easy money on the app stores. My first year I didn’t even make enough to cover the dev fees.

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I already tried on upwork and freelancer,

Thank you very much, I’ll read the articles, thanks

Oh, right, I understand, thanks

Here are five ways to earn cash while learning to code.

  1. Make Apps. Most people seriously over-estimate the skill level required to build an app.
  2. Work for Locals. Start-ups and big businesses naturally require professional-level programming .
  3. Run Tutorials.
  4. Freelance (Wisely)
  5. Enter Coding Contests.
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Thanks a lot, I loved the idea 1.
Run tutorials? What do you mean?

Like a YouTube channel or the like. Also, you might want to consider putting this in career advice

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