How to make programming a business?

Hello there, I am a 1st-year management degree student but I have some experience in coding such as web, software (mobile), and game (unity/C#) development.

I want to make money from programming but I don’t want to get a job like a full-time one. I want to make my own career in programming combined with business knowledge from college. I’m wondering if there is the best career advice for me to start my business in the programming industry?

I have tried to become a content creator but it seems that I can’t get paid anytime soon for that. I also have worked on some projects but always struggled to monetize them. I hope I made my question clear enough, thank you.

Hi @aruskywalker !

Welcome to the forum!

Well, the fundamental question you have to ask yourself is what problem are trying to solve.
Why should people buy your products or services?
Why should people consume your content?

Start studying the industry and learn about what tech professionals need.
Maybe you can create a tool that fixes a common problem or create a better mouse trap based on an existing solution.

If you are able to solve problems and provide a real need for the community, then people will pay for it.

I would consider working for someone else for a couple of years to study their business.
Learn about the good, bad and ugly of business and apply those lessons to your own business.
That will also give you a better idea of what tech professionals are looking for and provide you with potential product ideas.

Hope that helps!

Hey thank you for your feedback, it sure will be helpful for me to decide on the career path I took.

Ah yes, I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I don’t really know what the industry needs and how they work. Thanks for your advice.

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