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Hello, I have a question regarding .
I’m creating a simple website for a car dealer who has their new cars advertised on Autoscout24. Autoscout provides an iframe link which one can put on their website and show their current cars available for sale. Like I put it here on the site I created:
The problem is that the iframe is very difficult for me to work with - it doesn’t extend its content when new cars are added, on an Iphone it cuts the whole thing (only 1 car is visible and it’s just a general mess) etc. I simply don’t know how to tackle this to make it work flexibly. Can someone please give me some direction? I want to fix it but I don’t know where to start…
I also found this: - could it be that this could be useful for creating car listings yourself?

iframe is an option for those who simply want to plug something into their site, but don’t have any sort of development experience (they can design, but not really develop).

If you are wanting to customize the look and feel, get away from an embedded iframe and manage your content more in keeping with the flow of the original site, then yes, the API route would be the best option.

Of course, that requires that you have some understanding of OAuth, and the use of RESTful APIs. Have you completed that bit of the curriculum?

Thank you so much for letting me know. Now I understand the idea of the iframe that they provided. I haven’t started learning OAuth, and the use of RESTful APIs but I’m grateful that you directed me to what I should be looking into

They are a lot to learn, but they are a GREAT addition to your toolbelt.

Personally, I learned a LOT about both REST and OAuth by watching DevTips, when David and MPJ took over. There’s a great tutorial series, going through building a React app and then implementing OAuth in order to consume a RESTful feed.

Here’s a link to the series on YouTube.

I do watch a LOT of the FCC videos, but I really enjoy MPJ, both on his own FunFunFunction channel, and on Dev Tips.

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Wow, thank you for the suggestions, I will definitely check them out. I just hope it won’t take me too much time to improve the current look of the site!:slight_smile: thanks a lot!!