Question regarding volunteer work

I read

I’m curious, how many/which courses must one finish to do that?

And am I correct in thinking it won’t involve eg C#, since there aren’t any C# courses? (Looking on map, I don’t see C#)


Hey there @barlbarl123!
I don’t know if some point there is C# courses here.
But, I did HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, it’s free too. :sunglasses:

There you have the C# Fundamentals for Absolute Begginers.

I really like the Professor Bob Taylor, he tries to cover all details (can be a little anoying, but this is good to not miss anything), the Forum works good too (like here) and you get a certification at the end :wink::tada:

Hope I could help!

Best Regards! :vulcan_salute:

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I believe that what you found is an old page. Free Code Camp now has Open Source For Good which makes tools that could be generally useful to nonprofits broadly instead of working on specific nonprofits one by one. You can contribute at any time through GitHub here. These are all going to be JavaScript applications.