Does anyone know any other ways to code for nonprofits?

Does anyone know of any good resources to start coding for nonprofits, aside from the freeCodeCamp nonprofit projects?

I am a little bored and I am looking for a project to do in my spare time.

I have the front-end and data visualisation certifications from freeCodeCamp, but I never finished the backend certification. Ironically, I am now working as a backend developer :laughing: I have learned the backend through other means, and I don’t really feel the need to do the certification now.

I have seen a few website here and there that are meant to help match volunteer developers with nonprofits, but most don’t seem to have that much activity, and most of the projects are static websites. That’s not what I am hoping to do. (I’ll do the HTML and CSS part for an app if I have to, but I don’t like that part!).

I guess I could power through and do the bare minimum to pass the back-end certification… but that is still quite a bit of work.

Any suggestions?

There’s Catchafire. Alternatively, you could probably call non-profits in your area and ask if they need some web assistance.

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Check out