Questions about data entry jobs

My father was telling me about how there’s online data entry jobs, and how I could start right away if I can type over 50 WPM, which I can type I think 70 WPM or 80 WPM, if I remember correctly.

The problem is, I’m skeptical. I’ve NEVER seen a job online that I can just fumble into and start doing from home without either some skillset and certification, or a bachelor’s degree and two years minimum of experience. That’s the entire reason I’m here on freeCodeCamp learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It’s the reason I’m going to community college in the spring. The only job I found that I can do right away is Mechanical Turk work, and I’d have to do like a thousand of those before I’d make more than a penny to a dime per job or “HIT”.

I was wondering, are there data entry jobs involving programming?

Is there such a thing as a job I can start online right away for money?

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The correct way to “program data entry” is to not do any data entry yourself.

I could give you an excel spread sheet, with 50 thousand lines and tell you to perform this, this and this, and transfer that data into another spreadsheet. You could type 100 WPM but a programmer wouldn’t even worry about doing any data entry, rather they would write a script todo it in 1 second. Even if it took them 2 hours to write that script, it’s faster. It’s all about working smarter, not harder when it comes to programming.

data entry - typing information into a computer
programming - solving problems using a computer (more or less)

There’s a key distinction, in 1 your really thinking and typing, in another your typing and hardly thinking. You get paid to do the thinking part, not the typing. This requires the skills to think, and solve problems, that just happen to be on a computer with a keyboard. That’s where the moneys at.

PS. I don’t really understand the idea of remote data entry jobs, how are you entering data into a computer if your getting it thru the computer? Do these jobs exist? Couldn’t image recognition software do the entire job?


Yea, there are lots of remote data entry jobs (if you go on something like Upwork or whatever there are normally hundreds/thousands advertised, and it’s what stuff like Mechanical Turk is for), you can’t use software because you need the data in place before software can be used, you need a human to actually understand it and put it in a form a business system can understand. Computers are really bad at those kind of tasks.

But yeah @Nimp programming is not data entry, it doesn’t work like that. If you’re a very fast and accurate typist you can get minimum-wage jobs doing data entry pretty easily, but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with programming.


Well this has been quite insightful. I will continue to ask more questions about data entry on another forum specifically for it. It may be a good job to hold me over until I advance in the programming field. I just got to qualify for a data entry job, first.

Update: Ew. I’ve tried to apply for three already, and they all were survey sites, that after answering a survey, led me to a survey site, which when I tried to sign up, lead me to ANOTHER survey site. And when I tried to go to a site telling me whether if a certain site was a scam or not, I got blasted with prompts to subscribe to THEIR survey site.

I think I’d rather just keep learning to program and try freelancing.

Oh these jobs are definitely a thing. I have a friend in WI who works from home keying claims (I’m not sure exactly what kind of claims…), it’s not a bad gig in general… unless your company works you more than they ought to and paying pittance (or nothing) for mandatory overtime. “Data Entry” gets interpreted in so many different ways unfortunately.

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data entry Is inputting data or information from one page to another. for example you will retype the data from word text to spreadsheets.