Quick update on Beta

All progress on beta will be deleted right before we deploy beta to freecodecamp.org. You can easily re-submit any project URLs though, so you’d only need to re-do optional challenges.

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@QuincyLarson So will the team be completing the rearchitecture prior to or concurrent with the deployment of beta?

Prior. We’re getting quite close (you can follow progress here: https://github.com/orgs/freeCodeCamp/projects/1

@QuincyLarson Thanks for clarifying and replying so quickly!

Just to be sure I understood it: beta.freecodecamp.org is currently running code from github.com/freecodecamp/freecodecamp, and that repo is going to be discontinued in favor of https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/learn?

So if I want to contribute to the beta by testing and reporting issues/sending patches I shouldn’t even bother setting up a dev environment for freecodecamp/freecodecamp? Thanks!

Most of the github.com/freecodecamp/freecodecamp logic will remain:

  • authentication
  • settings
  • portfolios (with solutions, streaks, etc.)

https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/learn is just replacing the coding lessons themselves (we will remove these completely from github.com/freecodecamp/freecodecamp once https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/learn is farther along).

So yes - you should still try to get github.com/freecodecamp/freecodecamp running locally. Much of that code will remain relevant.

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@QuincyLarson So far, the new platform you’re working on contains 5 sections whereas the beta one contains additional ones such as Information Security And Quality Assurance and Coding Interview Questions And Take Home Assignments. Will these two sections remain in the new platform? Or they’re going to be changed with something else? I hope they’ll remain because from what I’ve seen, their contents are very rich and important.
Thank you all for your great efforts and for giving millions of people the opportunity to learn for free :smiley:

This looks so great! Huge thank to you and the team for all your awesome, hard work! :pray: :sparkles: :sparkles::sparkles:

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Awesome news, @QuincyLarson ! Way to go, Team FCC! You guys rock!

So, I’ve been away from FCC for a while (probably a relief for the devs trying fix bugs), and I just wanted to ask where I should go to beta-test for FCC? Is it here? Or should I still do it at Beta FCC?


Looking forward for the release. well done everyone!

Yes - learn.freecodecamp.org is our much faster, lighter weight replacement for the code that’s on beta.freecodecamp.org. We are working to polish it and release it ASAP. If you want to help improve it, you can open issues on https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/learn and contribute code there.

There are a lot of low-hanging fruit improvements that can be made there. @Bouncey is focused mostly on integrating freeCodeCamp’s back end and authentication into Learn at the moment. The UI especially could use some love :slight_smile:


Yes - we just added the Information Security and Quality Assurance certification to learn.freecodecamp.org a few hours ago, and we plan to add a lot of the Interview Prep challenges in the next few days :slight_smile:


Are you going to send out an email when it goes live? I’m looking forward to getting started!

I have been working on beta.freecodecamp.org/ lately. New version (learn.freecodecamp.org) looks great! However, I cannot access my portfolio on beta.freecodecamp.org/portfolio/userName. All the points and completed challenges are still there, but when I want to see the code, I’m being redirected to learn.freecodecamp.org version.

Is the beta.freecodecamp.org code I submitted already gone for good? It would be great to have those solutions for the future reference. :slight_smile:

Hello all, I was using freeCodeCamp.org and finished the tribute page and found out about beta.FreeCodeCamp.org started to use it and was informed to use learn.FreeCodeCamp.org so I started to use it and noticed it is not saying any of my progress, I just completed the “CSS” section and moved on to “Applied Visual Design” but it is not updating any of my work! I tried to go back to beta and keeps redirecting me to learn.

Can anyone clear up why is this happening?

I noticed the URL for my profile is on an URL that is linked to beta and not learn!
Wonder if this has anything to do with it!
Also when learn.FreeCodeCamp.org does go live will all of this be corrected or do I have to do the entire learn once again.
I am in the process of learning so I can jump ship to a new line of work and like to use FCC as part of my resume Thanks in advance.

@QuincyLarson I see that you published 10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now announcing big updates to the website, is this actually the new learn.freecodecamp.org going live? If yes that’s amazing!

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Yes - learn.freecodecamp.org is live! And we’ve completely updated the rest of the platform, too.

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@QuincyLarson Completed the Legacy Front end Certification but now lost all my solutions to the previous challenges. The time I put in is all lost, not feeling good about this. :frowning:

The calendar is upside down. the section that shows the numbers of items completed per day.