Quiz Machine using React

I have created a quiz app using React.
I hope to get some feedbacks on it.

Here is the link to it’s live preview. - Quiz Machine

The answer right lights up
this is so boring

@KittyKora if you find providing feedback, to be boring then you shouldn’t do it. Please keep your responses constructive.


Hi @sauravk7077

I don’t know if its part of the requirements for this project, but I’d consider randomizing the location of the correct answer.

I think the highlighting of the correct answer is interesting, but I think that generally people don’t want to be given the answer as they take the quiz. You could be make it a bit more realistic if there was a “Get A Hint” button that highlighted the correct answer or the correct answer and of the incorrect answers.


Thank your @JeremyLT for your comment. I would consider adding a Hint button, to my project next time.


After considering @JeremyLT 's comment, I have added a hint button in place of Check your answer button .

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