Random Quote Machine - comments welcome

Hello everybody,

now it’s time to jump out of the nest, so you can find my Random Quote Machine.

It’s fully working, with api from forismatic.com and a button to direct tweet a quote.
Still no Bootstrap, but the page is responsive with flexbox instead. I used jQuery in the javascript file.

I made some benchmarks :

  • I have some issues with the main buttons vertical position (tweeter and next) on safari 9, which seems full compatible with flexbox (info : Can I Use).

  • sometimes the twitter button vanishes on chromium, with the remote page, but never with the local page… I don’t understand…

If someone might help…

Feel free to leave a comment.

Thank a lot.

Really nice implementation. I quite liked the hover effect on the buttons to make it look like they were being pressed just by shrinking the shadow a little - it’s really simple but quite effective!

I couldn’t replicate the Twitter button disappearing issue on Chromium…are there particular circumstances you’ve seen it happen in, or does it just seem to be random?

Thanks for your comment.

One day, I clicked on the next button, and the twitter button disappeared, without a word or a look back, and it never show again… The next button is well centered, as if it was alone in the line…
I think it was just after I’ve added the link to twitter.
I don’t know if it’s a cache browser probleme or something, but if it works well in your browser, it’s all good.

It’s just annoying for testing, and quite confusing.