Random Quote Machine Feedback and Animation help

Hello, i’ve finished my Random Quote Machine Project. Tell me your sugestions and what do you think about it.

I only have one problem, i tried to use “react-transition-group” to animate the quote to fade out-in (like the example page) when press the button and changes, but it didn’t work how i want to, so i leave it like that hoping that you can help me with that :slight_smile: .

Here is the source code in codesanbox.

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Hello, Stepmix :slight_smile: . Honestly, this is not my speciality. But I tried to find some possible bugs in your program, and was OK. The only strange thing that I found was this :

When a person for whatever reason tries to change from one test to another too fast, seven sub programs crash.
Regarding the other things, I think, Its a good design, I only suggest to improve the “Ask For help” sections, since is only a link to freecodecamp forum.
Very Good work. Best wishes.

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Welcome back @Stepmix.

Your quote machine looks good but, while it’s cool that the text matches the surrounding color it’s sometimes hard to read on the white background. Case in point

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Yeah, that’s a another problem. In my app, i have a funtion that is called “changeContainerColorWhenBgIsLight” and inside it a funtion of npm “hex-to-hsl” beacause it let me change the container color when de luminosity is above 85. I don’t know why sometimes hexToHsl bugs and returns a [0,0,0] array instead of the value of the hex in hsl.

I guess in that case i should make a file with the hexToHsl funtion myself and import it to the project to see if that solve the problem.

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