Raspberry pi zero projects for a beginner

Hello everyone, I was gifted a raspberry pi zero by my partner and we wanted to build a few projects on it.
Do you guys have any recommendations on useful projects we could build on it ?
For context,
I am a beginner in python (just now completing the python for every body course) and I have a strong mathematical background (given that this is my degree).

I am also already familiar with Linux (I have Ubuntu as my daily driver and Kali Linux on my vm to learn the basics of pen testing).

I am not interested in gaming or small robots, so I have already crossed out projects relating to those topics.
Rather, I would like to build something that improves my every day life (for example building a network-wide ad blocker).

Thus if you folks had any insight on useful beginner projects I would really like to hear your advice/suggestions!

Hey there @Beatrix !

Here’s an article I found from a Magazine dedicated to Rasbery Pi

Also, my family and I have built another project that’s also particularly useful, it’s a monitor that displays work info and calendar items for the entire family to stay on track. I can’t find the exact article since I’m short on time but here’s one that’s similar.


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Setting up your own server.
Getting some free dns address like noip and setting up some pagers/apps.
Or creating your own box to crack, if you are into pentesting.

Many thanks! I will check these out!

Thank you, I will read into this too!

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