React and Redux - Extra Resources?

I just finished the react and redux challenges but i still feel like i can’t quite grasp these frameworks at the level i want to before i start the projects. Anyone know some good resources to help me better understand react, redux and using them together? Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can try with official documentation…

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:joy: not a bad idea haha thanks

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Free resources? Or are paid ones ok? Andrew Mead’s course on Udemy is very good and won’t cost much ($10.99 right now):

If you don’t mind spending a small amount of money, these two books are pretty good: (scroll to the bottom to see the lowest-priced version)

But if you prefer free, this is a great starting point:

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These are amazing, especially that medium article. Thanks :slight_smile: