React App Hosting - Host Prerequisites

Generic: What kind of services must a hosting vendor provide in order to make it possible to have a React app hosted?

Specific: If I create a website with React and React Router, is it possible to deploy it by just uploading the bundled output folder? This could be for example a dist folder containing index.html, bundle.js and an images folder.
Could this be as simple as deploying a simple web page (like one built with plain HTML, CSS and JS)?

Generic: an ability to put some files on the server. So this means any old hosting will do.

Specific: Yes, at the end of the day, as long as you have an HTML index file, the React part is just some JS scripts that run on that page. Note RR is just manipulating the history API for the browser, a user is still technically just on the HTML index page where some JS happens to be running.