[React/ES6] Markdown previewer project feedback

Hey, just finished the markdown previewer and i’d like a review as harsh as possible, the only aspect i’m concerned about is some of my decisions towards how to render the output data(injecting HTML). But all feedback is welcome (code readability, common practices i might not have used or more efficient ways to accomplish the same task).
Thanks a lot, cheers.

There are a few problems that I see.

  1. When viewed on a smaller screen the input and output boxes either overlap or part of the input box is above the top of the screen. I believe this is because you are centering your “container” class and using fixed sizes for your input and output objects.

  2. In your App constructor you have the line:

I don’t know if this is right way to do it, but it does work. The way I was shown is:
In the render function:

<UserInput rawText={this.state.rawText} updateState={ this.updateState.bind(this) }/>

3 . You may want to add some background and maybe a good font.

Other then those notes, the code is clean and readable. Everything works as it should.

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