Recommendations for DSA(Data structures and algorithms)

Which resources are the best for learning DSA for those who completed freeCodeCamp’s JS section?

HI @rajtanuchakravarty !

You can use practice sites like leetcode, codewars, hackerrank or exercism.
freeCodeCamp has great videos on the subject too.

Resources to learn. I meant.

Well as I mentioned earlier, freeCodeCamp has tons of video to help you learn the basics.
You will also learn more by practicing which is why I suggested those sites like leetcode and exercism.

You can also take an intro to cs course like cs50 or mit’s intro to programming course which teaches the same concepts.

Hope that helps!

I want it to be learner/beginner friendly. So, that you don’t get overwhelmed but build a strong foundation on it over the time.

This is freeCodeCamp’s most popular beginner course on youtube.

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