Recommended study app

I once read about an app that is really effective and helping you memorize/learn whatever you are are studying. If I recall correctly, a major feature was that it quizzes you on things at intervals which are timed to be based on just around the time you are expected to otherwise forget that material

I’m assuming I probably read about this app in a freecodecamp Medium post somebody wrote about how they used it to learn Javascript or some other language in a short amount of time or something.

I’m trying to remember what this was so I can use it.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Maybe this?

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Or Anki, perhaps?

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The concept you’re thinking of is called spaced repetition. Anki is probably the most popular software for it out there, but a caveat: spaced repetition isn’t for learning things fast. It’s a strategy for long-term retention. It will take you longer to memorize what you put on the cards with this method than if you continually crammed the whole deck.

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Yes! It was Anki! Thank you everyone!

I even found the article I was thinking of: