Regarding the use of the FreeCodeCamp projects in CV

Dear moderators and the community, good day to everyone)

First of all, I would like to thank the FreeCodeCamp for such an excellent platform for learning and sharing the knowledge and experience. It is great!
There are undoubtedly some features which could be improved and worked on. Thus, I have some suggestions which I will share with the FreeCodeCamp a bit later, having finished some more courses perhaps.

Secondly, I have finished the Responsive Web Design Course having completed all the minor projects. Frankly, I want to work on a little bit more on these completed projects with the inclusion of Javascript and advanced CSS features as those projects might look much more excellent than they are in their current condition now. I have a question here: Having done so, is it allowed if I refer to those projects as my own in my CV? It would be great if it is so, since I am planning to spend some time and extensive effort on them.

Thank you very much in advance for your response.

it would be honest from you if you reference where you take the starting code from, but yes, you can improve them and add the improved projects to your portfolio


I’d also recommend making sure you get the projects onto github, and provide links to them, either via your github profile, resume, or even a custom built portfolio.

The higher grade your FCC projects are the better they will look in any of these situations. That said, the main purpose should be for learning. You can refine/improve them later once you get a grasp on areas you could improve. I would not strive for perfection initially.

Having all, your projects on github will also be a way for recruiters to see your activity and progress over time. Even if you don’t feel “they are the best” just having them there is something to show activity and dedication.

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