Relocate to improve job prospects?

I’m wondering if anyone has moved to improve their job search. Currently, in Northern California and not having any success. I’m considering moving to Colorado for ~6 months-1 year.

South Carolina, Illinois, MINNESOTA…
These places are HOT in demand, and pay well…

Colorado is certainly a great state for tech, particularly in the Boulder/Denver area, and it seems like a LOT of people have been moving here recently (over the past several years). Denver is also one of the rumored finalist locations for Amazon’s HQ2 (though I’d personally be in favor of Amazon going elsewhere, because Denver doesn’t currently have the road & commuting infrastructure to support 50K extra workers—the traffic here is bad enough as it is already!).

But if you’re in NorCal (Silicon Valley? or above the SF Bay?), I’d imagine that your prospects there would probably be about the same. I mean, if you’re having a hard time finding a job in NorCal/Silicon Valley, your chances probably wouldn’t substantially improve anywhere else.

Moving to Colorado—from NorCal in particular—to improve potential job prospects doesn’t make much sense to me. IMO, it would only make sense if you’re also looking for a lifestyle change.

California is so expensive… used to live there.
Sold our house in CA for a good profit, and moved to the mid-South.
For the same money, we got 4x the lot size, and 2x the house size.
and no state income tax + lower cost of living.
… of course, no beach :frowning:

Is South Carolina really in demand? That’s where I currently live. Although my husband and I are planning on moving to Florida. I just assumed all job prospects would be better there.

My husband’s BS was in Accounting and he never could find a full-time position here in SC. The job market kind of sucks in most fields. Hence, why I’m trying to get into development.

I have no idea exactly where if it’s north or south but I know for sure Bank of America is in one of them and they are always looking for good developers.
Be in touch with recruiters for Bank of America

I bet that’s Charlotte in North Carolina. I’m pretty sure BofA is headquartered there.

I’m still a long ways from being hire-able, though. But I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Although I’m not anxious to stay here. haha. I want to be near Disney World. My brother-in-law works in tech in Florida and has said he can put us in contact with people down there.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I know relocating is a drastic measure but its something to consider.

Moving to improve your job prospects isn’t going to do you any favors. Instead, you can apply to places with the intention to relocate upon being hired.

You might have other problems in your job search. Either you don’t have the skills or you don’t have the projects and experience to back them up. Consider requesting input on your resume, portfolio, and projects here on the forum.

Hm, Minnesota! I think you mean North Carolina is hot.