Request for a collab

Recently I have thought of collaborating with somebody on a web-dev project. Tell me if you are interested! I really would like to do a project with you.

Hello, my name is Joseph. I got a front and certificate from freecodecamp in 2015. I’ve spent a lot of time creating content Management systems and other applications in the meantime. Now freecodecamp is huge! I want to do the entire curriculum. Are you down?

Also if you are interested in collaborating with me on the content management system I am currently building that would be awesome!


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sure! I’m in. What exactly would you like to do? @jojacino
My Github is

Would you like to try to connect on Slack, Discord, or Zoom?

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make sure you avoid putting personal contacts in public. You may want to move contact exchange in private messages


I’m interested. Am just finishing off the HTML/CSS course now and will do a JS course thru Juno (Toronto) in Jan. Not too good w/github: rentabartender/hell0-world. Slack or Zoom are pref for me. My focus: simple portfolio builders and looking to strengthen on the design side a bit. This means Canva (super simple) for me. Cheers