Resources for Kids to Learn to Code

Let’s create a list of coding for kids programs that are out there. I like Replit as a coding platform for kids. Are there other online IDEs that K12 students can use? I think there is a plugin for Moodle, “Code Runner”?

Replit IDE

I know that MIT’s Scratch program is pretty popular.

Also, this tool is interesting [Preformatted text](

I wouldn’t use because of how the pricing system has changed. We here at FreeCodeCamp have switched it over back to Gitpod.

Additionally Visual Studio Code does have an online edition that doesn’t require any installing once so ever.

Back when I was in school, there was this Minecraft mod called ComputerCraft which is surprisingly educational. It dealt with programming in the popular Lua programming language. There’s a tweaked mantained version of it here. Though I haven’t messed with the modern fork yet.

You can also give a look.