Resources on how to validate html forms with JS

Hello, in college i was asked to create programs that validate HTML forms with JS, and i feel i didn’t learnt well on college with online classes and i’m looking for resources that go in depth with this topic, most of the pages i’ve found i feel they don’t go in depth and lack some stuff, so if someone knows about videos, online courses, or books regarding this topic i would really appreciate it if you could share it with me

Two points: one, there is a lot of form validation you can do with very little javascript (might be useful to display errors or warnings, or because of class constraints), and two, with questions like this, the folks at Mozilla are a powerful resource, and they’ve answered your very question nicely: Client-side form validation - Learn web development | MDN

I see, thanks! They also list other webpages for reference, this is really helpful.

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The MDN docs are a great place to start, when you have HTML, CSS, JS questions, they’re kind of the final authority for most.

I’m also partial to

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