Responsive Web Design program is going too fast?

Hi, I’m following The Odin Project foundation segment and got redirected to do the Responsive Web Design program from Freecodecamp. After two days I got to the “Responsive Web Design Principle” segment and felt truly overwhelmed. I have gone through so much material while retaining only a vague representation of what I have learnt. I feel like this part of the program is too hand-holding-y and you can speed through challenges without remembering most of the syntaxes and features. Is this part intentionally designed so because of its introductory nature so I can have a taste of front-end programming? Or should I take a step back and take the time to soak in all that I have learnt?

I think it is a difficult choice in designing this program - Do we go into every little detail, covering every possible question someone might have? I think if that were the case, the material would be unmanageable and most users would get bored.

Everyone has little things that trip them up and need extra work. If you run across something that doesn’t make sense, then take a little side trip and figure it out - google things, check youtube, etc.

Also, remember that you can’t memorize all of this stuff. It’s more important to learn the basics and then get good at googling the details. Getting good at googling things is one of the most important skills a developer has.

I think that as long as you “learn the basics and then get good at googling the details”, then you should keep pushing forward. If you stop until you learn something perfectly, then you will never progress.

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