Responsive Web Design, unable to create Product Landing Page

The above image is what opens when I attempt to complete the Responsive Web Design - Build a Product Landing Page. Any advice why this is occurring and I’m unable to even begin as there is no place to input code?

create an account, then fork this (bottom right corner), so you can copy this to your account and save your work

to change between full page and editor view there is the change view button.
but you still need to fork this pen so you can save your code

Thank you so much! I hadn’t had this happen with the two previous responsive web projects and the frustration was real!lol Thanks again!

I hope you saved those projects to your codepen account with the fork button because otherwise it is like they do not exist anymore

I didn’t… I must have missed where we were instructed to this… it appears completed per the checks under responsive web projects but I’m not sure…

I am wondering, is there a way to paste web link within the <img src=“(this area)” or do I just need to input the web address manually?

then it is like you never did them. If your projects are randomly checked to check compliance to the Academic Honesty Pledge you would lose the certification.

You were told “You can fork this pen” and given the pen with the test suite

sure you can paste a link there. just find an image online somewhere and paste the image link in the attribute for the image element

Oh shucks, I must have missed that part… I am all new to this and it’s defiantly learn as you go for me!

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction early on.