Responsive Web Project 3 - Product Landing Page

Hi Campers,
please give your valuable feedback on my 3rd project. The link is:

Thanks in advance.

I noticed on small screens that some navigator buttons disappear.
and the logos overlap some times.

everything else is good, well done

Hey @darshanaprasad, nice job - overall It looks pretty good, it passed all the tests and is pretty responsive for the most part - in my opinion it feels like a little overkill on the red (too much red) the only real issues I see are that the menu gets cut off for me with a small window and that the icons near the first paragraphs will overlap the text (also small window) which might make them hard to read, also some of the margins and spacing aren’t quite perfect on a small window, but not bad enough that I would make a big deal out of it…
looking at the code i see a few more issues - there’s an attempted comment I think in the css with // - comments in css need to be like /*this*/ as far a I know… also there’s a value missing in one of the properties there - codepen has a little way to check for some basic errors by clicking the little dropdown arrow in each code section and then click the analyze html or analyze css buttons - that can sometimes give you some tips, sometimes those errors can be ignored though as well

Looks fantastic! Awesome job. You make it so so so responsive and is so so so good. Congrats!