Responsive webdesign Certificate

I’ve completed Responsive Web Design certification. Completed all the projects required and the step by step tutorial helped me lot on side by side I’ve searched for bootstrap and learned for my final portfolio project. Which i think must include bootstrap tutorial also somewhere within it. FreeCodeCamp helped a lot looking further.
Hope FCC could have emailed the certificate since its not downloadable need to take a screenshot after zooming-out the screen.
I’m new so i need to know which one to go for next javascript or front end library?
Thanks and have a great day ahead.

the lessons build on each other, so best way to do them is in order. otherwise you’re going to be very confused

if you dont care about javascript then skip ahead to the CSS frameworks I suppose

but reactjs and onward will kick your but if you dont understand javascript

You do not get a copy of the certificate emailed to you. It is linked to your profile.