Resume and github feedback

I would like to hear opinion of some people about my resume (CV).
I have managed to do an onsite interview at Amazon, Brazil.
But many enterprises still rejects me, like Google.
How can I improve it?
And how hard is it to get visa support to work?

Hmm, since you got the interview with Amazon, I would think you’re on the right track. Your resume is quite impressive and you have a lot of activity on your Github.

One thing you may want to consider is that resumes are often being parsed and matched for keywords in the job description before they ever reach an HR person. Your resume, for example, doesn’t mention HTML, even though it looks like it shows up on your Github. You may want to make sure your resume matches key words in each job ad before you send it off to companies, in case it is getting rejected by machines before it ever reaches HR.

I think your resume could be condensed a bit as well to improve how quickly it can be read, but that may be a matter of personal preference. For example, your awards are quite impressive, but I have to read 9 bullet points, some of which are paragraphs, before I ever get down to that part of the page.

Others will probably have even better advice. I am still in the job search myself. Whatever you’re doing, keep at it, you’ll find something soon enough. Best of luck.

Sorry I don’t have any information about getting visa support. For my current field (ESL teaching in China), though, it is quite easy to acquire from legitimate, established businesses.

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Yeah, I must take care with tags that might help me pass the “robot” phase.
Do you think I should sort it differently, like: education -> work -> awards -> volunteer?
How could I make it more condensed without being too simple?

Surprisingly, I will do a phone interview with Google next week (finally o/)