Resume, Linkedin, Github Review and Feedback

Need feedback on my resume and linkedin. I am not getting any interviews and it’s getting more and more depressing day by day.
I had posted a similar post a year back:

Have learnt a lot since then but things don’t seem to change much for me.
Please help.

Github: rishabhdwivedii (Rishabh Dwivedi) · GitHub
Resume: RishabhDwivedi - Google Docs

Hi @rishabh14121999 - welcome to freecodecamp forums.

First, I will encourage you not to give up. I know it feels like shit, but giving up is never an option.

Second, I will advise to create a strategy even in situations like this. Sit down with a book and pencil, and start writing down all of your blockers, and opportunities within those blockers.

Third, I had a quick look at your online profiles, and it looks GOOD to me and I should comment that there are tons of relevant opportunities for you.

Fourth, look at the right places for such opportunities such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed.

Even people in my close circle applied to more than 100 jobs in a month and still never got anything, so I will encourage you not to give up at this early stage at all.

Let us know if there is anything the community can do for you.


Some feedback

  1. Can you add GH profile link to your linkedin as well ?

  2. Why are you not coding every day and committing, I don’t see daily action on your GH

  3. You are in same situation as I was in 2002 :slight_smile: don’t worry everyone has to go through this phase.

I suggest below

  1. My most favourite VC supporting startups is “Y Combinator”

  2. Goto their jobs page ( also start following them on linkedin and twitter )

  3. Send invite to founders of these startup ( along with some nice message, GH profile etc ) Plain invites gets ignored mostly

  4. Keep a google spreadsheet about whom did you contact and when.

  5. Target for 10 min each day for 3 months min

I will be really surprised if you don’t get good job even after these steps ( only when you follow these religiously )

Do read “Atomic Habits” and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” books ( 1 page each day )

All the very best.


Thanks for reviewing and replying with this depth.
I switch between grinding Leetcode and doing dev, that’s the consistency might seem to be missing on GH.
I tried approaching YCombinator startups but most of the companies seemed to prefer someone with more experience and internship opportunities seem to be rare these days.
Thanks again.

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Thank you so much. Your reply really gives me the confidence to grind further.