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I am kinda stuck in between right now , I applied to close to 20 companies but none of them reverted back. Should I upskill my self into Full Stack (MERN) or improve my resume ?
I would also like to have any good recruitment agency which can provide me remote work (I live in India and here we get paid in peanuts ) . Any kind of advice or suggestions are appreciated and Thank you in advance.

Resume: RishabhDwivedi.pdf - Google Drive

This is not a lot at all. The hiring market is not good right now, I could understand you applying to 200 companies but 20 companies is something you could do in a hour (no offense). I don’t have the time to look at the resume right now, but I wouldn’t be down on not hearing anything back. You just need to keep applying

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Thank you for your advice mate, gonna apply to more companies. Please do review the resume if you get time in future.

HI @rishabh14121999 !

One of the first things that potential employers will look at is your resume. And on average recruiters and hiring managers will only spend 5-7 seconds before decide if they are interested or not.

Right now, your resume is coming across to junior and beginner which is not what you want especially in this current job market.
Most struggle with this problem, including myself when I was applying for jobs.
I had to re write my resume several times because the first few drafts were not that appealing

Here are my thoughts on where you can improve and increase your chances of landing an interview.


Your Linkedin profile looks a little bare.
I think there are some things you can do to spruce it up and attract attention from recruiters.
I would suggest looking through Danny Thompson’s linkedin series on youtube where he walks through sections of people’s linkedin with hiring managers and offers advice on how to improve it.

GitHub profile

Some recruiters and hiring mangers will look at GitHub profiles while others won’t.
But keep in mind that the ones who do look at it might look at yours and question why you have very little activity going on.

If I were you, I would be a little more active on GitHub then you currently are.

Figma and Dribble links

If you are applying for developer roles, then you should make sure to keep your resume centered around work and links for software development.
If you are applying for designer roles, then I think your figma and dribble links are fine but then you will need to showcase more of your design work.

Remember that, these are two different jobs. You want to make sure that your resume is correctly tailored to that role.

Little Lemon Restaurant

Right now, it looks like a small static site.
But I think you could increase your chances if you added some more complexity to it.
I would suggest adding an add to cart functionality, checkout functionality and maybe even integrating it into a backend.
Adding some more features to it, will help this project stand out more and give you more to talk about in your project description.

But also as a sidenote, in a few of your project descriptions, you mentioned using useState and useEffect. As a react developer, I would consider that standard and common in most react applications. I don’t think you need to mention that in your project descriptions.
Your project descriptions should really focus on why you built the project what interested features people should take notice of and what problems does this app solve.

Real Estate site

I think you spending to much time listing out all of the packages you used in your project description and not enough time on interesting features this app has.
Why would someone want to use this app?
What are some cool features about it?

You have to remember that developers are not the only ones reading your resume.
Non tech individuals like hiring mangers and recruiters will be reading your resume and rattling off a whole bunch of libraries isn’t going to resonate with them.
You will need to be able to write these project descriptions that will get them interested in learning more.

Netflix clone

Within the competitive junior developer market, there are a lot of clone sites on resumes including Netflix clones.
You will need to stand out and highlight how your site is different.
Did you add some new features?
What are some interested aspects of your app that people will want to learn about?

Coca Cola mobile figma and figma

For these, I would just question why it is on a resume for developer roles.
Space on a resume is precious.
You want to make sure that everything you list is specific to the job you are applying to.


Here are few corrections that I think you should make in this section

  • html should be HTML in all caps
  • Javascript should be JavaScript. And you don’t need to specify ES6 because that is part of standard JavaScript at this point. Especially since we are currently on ES13
  • Github should be GitHub
  • I would drop Fetch API because that is part of standard web development and doesn’t need to be mentioned.

Also, you mention Unit testing and Test Driven Development, but at a quick glance in your code, you don’t seem to have any tests written.
I would suggest adding a few unit tests.


I know that was a long review but hopefully that is all helpful.
Here are some additional resources on resumes that could help


I can’t thank you enough for your detailed review and providing me your crucial time. I will definitely works on these setbacks asap.
Again thank you so much.
This is the best one can get in terms of feedback.

Super slick design, no functionality - looks like it was ripped off a udemy course?

I think you need to start moving away from these kinds of projects and think of something useful and interesting and build it yourself. Stuff like this is ok for learning but on a cv they’re not going to get you very far.

Couldn’t recommend building your own passion project highly enough.


Yes, I feel the same now, instead of trying to fill the resume I should work on my skills and better projects.

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