Help me to find out if Im employable

Hey guys!
I learn to code the last 8 months and Have built some projects by now and one open source library that got pretty popular. My main focus is on MERN apps and I would like to know - based on my Github account , you think it worth to try and apply for some Front end / Full stack position. Thanks!

Github -

I’m not a recruiter or anything but it looks good in my opinion.

I’d say you would have no trouble getting a Junior level position or more depending on your previous jobs and experience and how well you interview.

Make sure you have a relevant and succinct CV/Resume and do your best to write unique opening and closing paragraphs in your cover letters to each company you apply for.

Finally I suggest completing as many coding challenges as you can in preparation for tests/exercises that may be given during or after the interview.

I like your projects that you have on GH! I definitely think you are on a good path.

Here is the truth though - you are employable if you can convince people who are hiring that you are employable!

I’d take @camelcamper’s advise, brush up on your CV/Resume and start knocking on some doors (metaphorically speaking :slight_smile: )

Yep, just do it. Worst case scenario is you obtain interviewing experience and can use it to do better at future interviews.
Think about it, this is the WORST thing that could happen.

Best case scenario you could end up with some companies offering you a position :slight_smile:

I have had an interview where i did not turn out to be a good fit for that particular company but I still made a good impression and the company recruiter sent my CV to another recruiter in their network which made it time well spent in the end.

Keep in mind that unless you are top dog, cream of the crop with exceptional experience expect to get declined more often than not, so don’t get discouraged if the majority of applications you send don’t invite you for an interview.

thanks for the feedback! (:

Already started to apply in some places - thanks (:

Code looks solid, but if you want to catch recruiters attention, you are better off creating a portfolio site.