Struggling to get interviews. Please review my resume

I am currently having a hard luck in getting interviews from any of the companies. It would be really great if someone critiques my resume. Thanks!

Here is the link to my resume

What type of jobs have you been applying? What kind of development work most interests you?

I am applying on AngelList for Jobs but didn’t succeed in getting any response yet so far. I am interested in Software Engineering roles. I have a diverse set of interests ranging from Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain to Game Development. Mostly, I like working on challenging projects which give me an opportunity to expand and widen my skill sets.

My recommendation is to have different resumes for different types of software engineering jobs you are interested in pursuing. Each one should contain the most relevant content for those jobs. For example, if you were applying for a front-end developer position, that resume should have projects that highlight your skills as a front-end developer. You can still list the other software skills and projects, but they should not be the focus.

If your resume is too “general” (especially since you do not have any former work experience), you run the risk of seeming “average” at many things but not “great” in any particular area.

These are just my opinions based on my 23 years of work experience. I am sure you will get more responses to your question which you should also consider.

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Thank you so much for your recommendations. I really appreciate and will try to incorporate it! Thanks!

this review is focusing on presentation only, I ignored your level of competence as a review of it was not what you were asking for. You might not like what is written here nor the tone used to write it, but I used to do a lot of hiring and what is written below is solely based on this experience. So, without further ado - A couple of things that might improve your resume are:

1.) a photo. People like to relate to who they might be hiring. If there is no visual feedback in terms of a photo there might be a group of people who will ignore your resume altogether or put it in a pile of 2nd category resumes (like I used to do).

2.) the layout of the resume. As little as this has to do with actual skills we are (un)fortunately all human. Making information easier to parse might help you in getting a job faster.

3.) Email: … maybe something like ARASTOGI or A.RASTOGI (lowercase ofc) that actually makes the name resonate more with the person who wants to hire you.

4.) There are a lot of things mentioned in your resume, but not many of them have a link to actually see what you are talking about. If I were the recruiter I’d expect links to actual implementations of what you have created.

5.) Color. this is a pdf, you have millions of colors available. Use them to your advantage.

To sum it up:
This review is just a compilation of thoughts I would have if I were to see your resume and were hiring. There is a lot of text in your resume, but it seems to contain very little of why I should hire you. There doesn’t seem to be a domain name you have, neither is there a good email name I could remember if I were to hire you. The pdf is black and white and the text is crowded. The CV doesn’t emphasize key skills and abilities and instead focuses on long lines of text. It feels like if you fix a few of these issues the resume will become a lot more easy to scan and attractive, which might substantially increase your chance of getting hired.

Good luck!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking out the time to review this. I agree with most of your points. I have started to create a different resume with a cleaner template and looking forward to getting it reviewed from you. Thanks once again!