Resume review for web developer

Hi , My name is Tejas and I am a recent graduate. I am looking for a job in web development. I have worked before as an associate engineer at a company for almost a year. I also have done few projects with Django during my free time by following few tutorials online. However, I am not getting any callbacks from the companies I am applying for (while people with similar profile as mine are) and was wondering if there is something wrong with my resume.

I would really thankful if someone could review it once and point me out the things which I should change.

I’d probably put industry experience above projects, and rename it ‘Employment’, since it’s the most relevant and the thing most employers are interested in.

Thanks for your tips @JacksonBates. I was having concerns related to my projects and work experience also. Is it good enough for entry level ?

Hi Tejas!

Since you are a recent graduate, I think it would be a good idea to bring up your technical skill section. You may also want to add operating systems you have worked with in the past as well as any IDE’s you are comfortable with. I would place the technical skill section under education and follow it with “Employment” or “Experience”. The last sentence on your objective can be trimmed since it reiterates information present in your technical skills.

I would also recommend looking for an online resume template that adds a bit of variety in terms of color and fonts.

Good luck!

There’s a lot of good information on your resume. As well, it looks like you’ve done a great job of using your present opportunities to prepare you for your professional goals.

That being said, I do think there is too much to read through. As well, I think your skills section should be at the top. As it is now, I didn’t see your skills section until selectively skimming through the other parts of your resume. I think, intrinsically, you might be aware of that because of your selective formatting. If only what mattered was on your resume, then you wouldn’t need to bold certain buzzwords.

Great job getting everything down on paper. And, of course, there is a lot of conflicting advice with regards to resumes, but I think if you can condense and refine that you’ll have a great document to use in your job search :v:t3:

Thanks a lot @ycantu , I will try that.

Thanks @Anon551122 , I will try to make the descriptions more concise.