Resume review, provide feedback. Looking for a job!

Hello there guys,

I just started my job search again (after Covid-19). And wanted to get some feedback from you (recruiters, developers, hiring fellows).

Long story short:

  • I was studying and building projects on my own
  • Then I attended a coding bootcamp
  • After my certification I’ve been on projects for local clients along with other two developers.
  • I started to apply for real in Feb but didn’t get any interviews: The only one company where I applied that contacted me but didn’t get back at the end was IBM, the coding challenge was freaking hard, I guess I didn’t pass
  • Then, Covid-19 happened

Please be as objective as possible, and thank you!

Link to my most updated resume (June 1, 2020):

OK, keep in mind that I am very critical of these things. Take what I say with a grain of salt…

I think the organization is pretty good - I can see the hierarchy.

I think the bullet points - there is too much space between the bullet and the text. Also, the wrapping is weird - it should indent like the text.

I’m not sure why Skills and Abilities are under Work Experience - it should be it own category, probably just Skills. I might make them a multi column bullet list. To me, this is the most important part of the resume. it is what they will look for first. You want it to pop.

I think you can trim things up a little. You should probably fit all this on one page. For example, the corona chart can just be:

• COVID19 live data app with Angular/Nodejs/Express and Material UI/Bootstrap
• Websraping with PuppeteerJS and CheerioJS

You don’t need to explain that Nodejs/Express is a b/e - if they don’t know that already, they won’t understand. Anyone that would understand already knows. And it’s usually “Node.js” - double check these things - some nerd may get turned off by irregular names.

Remember that they are going to look at your resume for 5 seconds before deciding whether or not to skip to the other 187 resumes in their inbox. You want to make it very easy to find what they want.

I don’t understand some of your capitalization . I would follow normal rules of capitalization and if you want certain words to pop, bold them.

They don’t care what editor you like.

Don’t waste space telling them what you studied for law and music - keep those as short as possible - two lines each. They really don’t care except that it shows that you have accomplished something. They don’t care about “Theories and Principles of Law” and “Spanish Guitar”.

You don’t need to tell them your political party.

They don’t need to know your zip code.

They will scratch their head about “Maracaibo, Zulia”. I would just put Venezuela - they won’t care about the city - it’ll just confuse them. If they care, it will give you something to talk about in the interview.

I might make your name bigger at the top and have a title you want under it, like Full-Stack Developer or just Web Developer. I might move the contact info into two columns to save space.

If you are going to have a page break (I still think it should be one page) it needs to be more graceful than that.

Why no link for the music app?

“Scrum master” (or scrum or agile, or whatever) should be one of your skills…

My philosophy is to get as much information on one sheet and make it easy for them to find the important stuff. You can go more in depth in a cover letter, explaining why you’re good for that job.

Just some thoughts.

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@kevinSmith Hello Kevin,

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

I’ll take everything you pointed and work it out. I’m quite sure that my resume is going to look better.

I’ll get in touch after the improvement :slight_smile:

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