Review my new personal portfolio website

After learning a little bit about UI Design and color patterns, I felt that I should rebuild my website again. Here is my new portfolio:

Earlier my portfolio website looked like this:


Hey Kunal,

I liked your website definitely better than before. Why don’t you check some pioneers in the same field you’re who works on personal branding? I think it might help a lot.


Thanks for the review and advice.

New one is currently unavailable. The previous one looks really nice.

New one is also available . May be some server issue .

Hi Kunal! Your new portfolio is awesome. Great job, dude!

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Thanks for the the comment.

Looks great!
Just two points to improve in my opinion:

  • I would use the resize: none property for the <textarea> element.

  • When I move the cursor over the “Send” and “Contact me” buttons, they are floating to the left side- I would leave them static. But it’s just me.

Great job :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks really great! Your projects also look very professional. The only suggestion: Get rid of your percentage values for the skills, 92% HTML, what is that? It´s just subjective, let your projects speak for yourself and they do really well :slight_smile:
edit: Get rid of the “junior” =>

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Thanks for letting me know about this new property .

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Overall you did a great great job with your portfolio.


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Will definitely work on it and yes thanks for sharing this post . I am a fan of this guy ( Andrei Neagoie) . He’s a great instructor.

well your site looks nice, as a designer i would suggest few changes:

  1. As far as i can see, you are using a font which have positive and friendly vibe, my suggestion try to use fonts like source code pro or any fonts made specially made for coding.
  2. I like your color scheme, but the gradient which you have used in the background can be become more calm and professional by increasing the violet area a bit, as it will look a bit unbalanced.
  3. Try to increase the closeness of elements on the landing page and make changes to the entire website thereafter.
  4. Lastly, Try to highlight the sub-heading by increasing the font size and making the font bold
    .(I think by implementing these solutions your website will improve by a lot.)
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Thanks a lot for this feedback . I’ll definitely apply these changes for the better results.

Your work looks very good. Suggest changing Web Developer to Software Engineer. Web Developer is too generic, 'remember most views are on MOBILE. Web Developer seems like you are just developing for web and not mobile, it’s all the same and wording matters. All of your work is mobile friendly. It’s up to you how you present yourself to potential recruiting companies and recruiters. You are more than a Web Developer!


Thanks a ton for this feedback. Will Definitely follow your instructions.

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Hey great job! You have definitely put in a lot of work. I I only have a few things to say. You are representing your brand so don’t sell yourself short. Do not call yourself a junior web developer just call it what it is you’re a “software developer/engineer”. Two, as you list your skills you should not give a rating or self evaluation. The people or employers that you create business with are going to make their own evaluations and assessments of you. Lastly, it’s your choice but as for personal information I would leave that out unless, the information that you’ve provided is your business information.I’d suggest two options create a link for users/employers can fill out and submit or have a third party app that reroutes to your personal info.


Thanks bro for your feedback .

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You’re welcome! You’ve got talent dude!

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Hey Kunal, I like the way it looks and the color choices. One thing though, You have an spelling error in “Self designed projects” . Keep up the good work!

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