Run Tests doesn't always work

I’m stuck on one test because no matter what I do, the test doesn’t run and therefore, I don’t advance to the next lesson. this happens quite often but usually refreshing for clearing the code solves it. Not this time.

Very buggy app.


Yeah … so nothing is working. I know my code is right because I’ve been doing html for 20 years. If you want to help people learn to code, then make a site that works.


There is a known bug in the early challenges where the tests don’t run with updated code and the challenge needs to be reset (as you have discovered). We all hope it will be figured out soon.

If you encounter a different testing bug, please report it as a GitHub Issue.

Are you by any chance on instead of The Beta site is still pretty buggy, especially when it comes to tests.

As an experienced programmer, what you may be running into is the restrictiveness of the tests. They often expect not only a certain result, but for it to be achieved in the specific way the instructions describe. For example, if they tell you to set the element’s text color to red then using color: #FF0000; will fail because the test is looking for color: red.

As you get further along and start the algorithm challenges, testing issues pretty much disappear. In those cases they can be unit tests. The only confusing results I’ve seen in the algorithm challenges is that the infinite loop detection can cause the execution to stop, resulting in a failed test. The solution to this is to turn the loop protection off (although I advice refactoring your solution instead). If you already have HTML and CSS experience, feel free to jump ahead on the map.


This happens on React lessons too. very frustrating

this thread is three years old, it is no more relevant

first thing, try opening a thread with your code, the most common reasons for React tests to not run is an infinite loop in the code in the editor

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