Running external python scripts on the browser

Hello everyone, I am currently finishing my portfolio, currently hosted on github pages.
I would like each project showcased there to have two buttons: one that takes a viewer to the project’s github repo so that people can view the code, and another button that allows the viewer to view the live project.
While implementing the first button was a trivial matter, I am having a bit of trouble with implementing the second button, especially as some projects that I have displayed there cannot be run in the browser as easily (a good example of this would be my tkinter weather app).
I have seen that there are many options for running python code online, but most examples given deal with very simple python scripts, or are part of a bigger project (built on flask or django) which is not the case for my portfolio that is just a simple HTML and css file hosted on github.
I was wondering if the community had any words of wisdom on how to best tackle this problem and get my projects running live.
I have contemplated converting my python scripts into executables that viewers seeing my portfolio can click to download and run on their machine but

  1. I doubt that employers have that kind of time while viewing a candidate
  2. I could only make my scripts accessible to windows and Linux users as my machine has a linux/windows dual boot, and I don’t own a mac .

You might have some luck with tkinter on replit, it seems to be supporting it. I don’t know to what extent though.

thank you for the suggestion, I shall look into it!

@Beatrix You can run Python on Pythonanywhere, Heroku, and on a virtual private server. The first two options are easier.

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