RWD-project: Technical Documentation page

Good day everyone! My Technical Documentation page is ready for review if anyone is interested. I look forward to receiving your feedback.



Hello @Jspiderhand. You’re page looks good. A couple of suggestions from me:

  1. I wouldn’t center all the the content on the page. It’s seems a bit off to have all of the paragraphs centered. I would recommend having the paragraphs aligned left except for code blocks and headers.

  2. The black font on the green background could be really hard to see for some people. I recommend changing either the background or make the font white.

  3. I would put a disclaimer that the class won’t actually appear inside the element. I assume you’re adding it just to show which one is which but some new guy may think that the .Class_name will actually appear. Now if it’s in the html then of course it will. Maybe instead of having them show up inside the blocks have them just underneath.

Great job!

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@jfirestorm4 Thank you very much for your feedback! I found myself agreeing with every suggestion you gave and believe I’ve made the appropriate changes. I hope you like my solution for your disclaimer suggestion. I appreciate your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,

great work! It looks very clean and is good to read.

My ideas:

  • I think the readability will increase by adding more spacing between the elements
  • your CSS rules are very specific, e.g. #doc-container #main-doc .main-section ul #embarrased. This can become very complex to maintain. There are solutions like BEM:

Keep us posted!

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@miku86 Thank you for your feedback! I’ll check out the link you sent me.