FCC RWD Project-Technical Documentation Page

Hey! beginner campers,

I have completed the Responsive Web Design Project- Build a Technical Documentation Page.
I have created CSS Cheatsheet for CSS lovers!
Check it here-

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hello @ajayboro7277! Well done so far on your page. A couple of suggestions from me.

  1. Your section headers butt right up to the previous section. I would recommend adding some padding to separate the sections a bit more to make it easier to distinguish when a new one starts.

  2. You’ll also notice that in the image above at the top of yuor code block there is a blank line. I recommend removing that from all of the code blocks.

  3. You may even consider some padding between the sub-section too. Everything seems really crowded together.

  4. Since the html box you are typing in is the <body> you don’t need to put <body> or </body> in there. You also have a closing </html> at the bottom that is not needed.

You can use the built in analyzer to validate you html or you can use W3C

Great job! Keep it up.

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@jfirestorm4 Thank you so much for your feedback.

I’ll update it ASAP!