Salon Appointment Scheduler

Hey Everyone,
This is my first post on this forum. So I recently started “Relational Database (Beta) Certification”. The journey so far has been pretty good and full with challenges and most important, learning. Love the challenges and tasks. So yesterday after finishing " Learn Bash and SQL by Building a Bike Rental Shop" I tried to start the “Salon Appointment Scheduler”. After hours of tries, I am still at just the starting screen. It just won’t load the project.
It is stuck on black screen, third party cookies are enabled.
Attaching the screenshot below:

Sorry if I missed something.

some people have noticed that certain ad-blockers are causing problems running this course. You can try to run it from incognito mode (assuming that ad-blockers are turned off there). See if that helps.

Let me try.
I tried doing it in Incognito mode, same issue there.
Thanks for the suggestion.

You’re not the only one reporting this but so far I’ve not run into it. I’m on Chrome and have just the barest of extensions running (2 simple ones I think).
You can try to disable all the extensions or try to use a different browser (a new download perhaps that you haven’t modified). See if that makes any difference.

I did tried today with fresh installation of Opera GX browser, same issue there.

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