SAP HANA Technology as a career option

I want to choose SAP HANA Technology as a career option, so what are the different job profiles and responsibilities in it?

SAP HANA has many job titles in which you can make your career according to your expertise.

The different job profiles and responsibilities in SAP HANA are:

SAP HANA Project Manager

The project manager needs to have general project management expertise and also should understand the basic concepts of agile methodologies. They hold the responsibility for managing project lifecycles by SAP HANA.

SAP HANA In-Memory Business Consultant

The In-Memory Business Consultant deals with backend purchase, supply chains, and retail sales. They identify how in-memory tools modify businesses and understand how to combine knowledge idea to business environments.

SAP HANA Security Consultant

The security consultant requires knowledge of security design, access control, and security models. To handle it properly, one must have skills of business security compliance, access and apprehensions.

SAP HANA BW Consultant

The BW consultant should possess skills of architecting, modeling and re-architecting BW solutions with SAP HANA system that are important to understand.

SAP HANA Application Developer

HANA requires a change in the way of application development. It is necessary for developers to understand the present in-memory computing concepts and platforms of development.

SAP HANA Performance Consultant

The performance consultant work on the ideas processed by the Business ConsultaTheydesignsign architectures through HANA enterprise. Generally, they create models through SAP HANA Modeler tool.

These are the job profiles involved if you want to make a career in SAP HANA.

I’m not sure if you will find much here because SAP (and SAP HANA for that matter since that is even more specific) is a very, very different environment from anything taught at FreeCodeCamp, and it meets a very different business need from anything taught at FreeCodeCamp. Where I live, it would only be used by giant multi-national corporations, and you are likely to need paid training before you are considered for jobs.

I’m not experienced in SAP, but I recently read ‘SAP in 24 hours’ to get a feel for it because it is offered in a graduate program I am currently enrolled in. I would highly recommend that book to get an idea of the different jobs and responsibilities. It is a vast ecosystem.