SAP-BW consultant or Front end web developer?

Could anyone please guide me to choose the best path among the two (SAP-BW or Front End Developer ) .
Which among the two is best for the long run?
well, I had worked for 2 years in SAP- BW and I had to leave my job for some personal reasons so I have a gap for almost 2 years now. I have no experience in Web development as of now.

Hi @27aish :wave: Welcome to the freeCodeCamp Forum!

There really is no correct answer for which is the best path. They are both two valid paths, and the only person who can determine “best path” for you, is you. :smile:

Based on what you have said, my initial thought is that you should try to get back into SAP-BW, since that is what your past experience is in. Then you can have the freedom to learn front end web development on the side while having a stable income (which takes one aspect of stress off of learning).

Hi robertgroves thanks for the reply, I like your suggestion.
would you please elaborate do both paths have the same growth or the same opportunity in jobs?

I don’t think anyone can really speak to that accurately, unless of course that had a lot of statistics regarding geographical area and position availability in those areas, not to mention specifics of the front end role you’d be looking for. Maybe there are recruiting or job marketplaces out there with such statistics, but I don’t have them.

I would make a guess that needs for both of the roles will be around for a long time. I imagine that an SAP Business Warehouse Consultant is something more specialized and therefore opportunities may be more sparse (and potentially more profitable given that reason). That said “Front-End Developer” is a generic term and unless you defined the tech you’re using you’ll probably find a wide range of positions with that title. As you narrow down the tech (i.e. React, Angular, Vue, etc.) though it will again likely come down to availability by geography just like with the SAP BW role.

It really sounds, to me, like you’ll need to do some research based on your own criteria because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to your question.

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ok robertgroves thanks for your inputs, I would start my research on front end part.

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