Which topics should I focus on?

Im thinking HTML, Java

Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)

Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)

is good enough to find a job right?

Well, not for me, I can’t stand java. I can’t abide compiled languages, they leave a worse taste in my mouth than burned brussels sprouts.

Your path through the curriculum is largely determined by your interests, and by the things that appeal to you. If you are a fan of compiled backend languages, then by all means, Java or C++ or Go are all great options. If you’re looking at a front end designer, then HTML/CSS is a definite starting point. Front end designer/developer? Then HTML/CSS, followed by Javascript and the front-end libraries might make more sense.

For me, I’m a huge fan of interpreted languages, my personal tastes are for PHP, perl and (lately) Node/MongoDB. So for me, my focus was on javascript, libraries, Node and databases.


Thanks Im not sure what the difference are between the backend and front end. The site mainly focus on front end right. What are the other cerfs for?

Great question.

Front-end is anything on the client machine. Typically, that would be HTML, CSS, Javascript, and front-end frameworks (whether CSS tools like SCSS or SASS, or javascript frameworks like React, or javascript libraries like jQuery).

Back-end, on the other hand, is… everything else. If I have a server running node, that’s javascript on the back end. The language is the same, but the concerns are a little different. With the client machine, javascript is used to communicate with the server, or to manipulate the front-end display, things like that. On the server, javascript might talk to other servers, or to databases, or handle more data-oriented concerns.

The other certifications sort of specialize from that. Whether data visualization (which addresses API access and D3, both client-side) or the Information Security and Quality Assurance certification (largely testing and securing server-side data), these typically follow after the basic courseload.

what about Devops? wow then I should just specialize in one, it will take a while