Scientific data analysis and visualization

Hello everyone, I am new here. I am a researcher and my aim is to learn how to code to do scientific data analysis and visualization. I found feeecodecamp and I am excited about it. I read the advice is to start from the first certification and move along the list till phyton. Do you recommend me to do so? Or shall I jump directly to Phyton? My knowledge of programming language now is zero. While it can be fun to build a website, this isn’t my goal.
Please advice where is best to start. Thank you in advance.

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Start the course:

And join:

Thank you. But I see for that I need to learn Java and HTML.

Welcome, Rehab.

The choice is still entirely up to you, but, if you do not plan to touch web development, then I do not think HTML and CSS would be useful or interesting for you. Learning JavaScript would be about as beneficial as learning any other high-level language; you gain the most from learning the programming principles, and not necessarily the specific syntax of each language.

If you are interested in the Python course as a whole, one of the ways you can learn is by watching the related YouTube videos on beginning with Python:

The video/question side of the curriculum use the content in these videos. So, they are a useful place to start.

Hope this helps

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That is very helping and I thank you very much!

I also do academic science research and had zero code experience when I started my journey. I found learning python, pandas, and matplotlib had the most immediate benefit for my data analysis. The python institute has some good free learning resources for this ( although there are lots of resources out there.

Thank you Rehab. I had almost the same question myself. Web development is a very good skill to learn, but it does not carry much appeal for me. I was wondering if I could skip web development in favour of problem solving (similar to what you wanted).

I’m glad you asked this question. Thanks again!