Where a Newby starts?

I just created an account based on some INCREDIBLE recommendations! You should be very proud of your reputation.
I want to get started learning to code, program, and eventually get into data analysis or similar. Based on my research, it appears Python3 is what I need to start with. My question is how to I start. Like I said, I’ve obviously signed up, but which class should I start with? I have absolutely ZERO experience. I am a stone cold noob. Please help

please start here

This site has a project-based teaching approach. Hopefully this approach is what you prefer (you start coding from step 1).
If you prefer to read, there are articles you can read.
If you prefer to be taught, there are videos you can watch on the freeCodeCamp youtube site.

Thank you! I appreciate the quick reply.

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Starting at the top probably isn’t a bad idea if you are super new to coding. HTML is a good starting place, but it also isn’t super relevant knowledge for data science. The Data Analysis with Python part of the curriculum would be a more dedicated section to it.

Maybe start with a little HTML and then jump to the Python section. I don’t think going through all of the responsive web design is necessary for what you want to learn.

As said, I’d also check out the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel and the news section for more.

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