Where to start if had previous study of IT/Computer Science

Um, does anyone have any idea where to start if you have had some previous study re IT/computer science? Because I’m not sure if I’m missing concepts of things… yet if I started immediately from the beginning I think I would feel hopeless…

do you know any HTML, CSS or JavaScript?
if no, just go to freecodecamp.org/learn and start from the beginning

if yes, you could start from the projects of each certificate, as a kind of review

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Well, I’ve done some uni courses on Python, Java, little bit of C, R, MATLAB… also algorithms, human computer interaction, statistics, bioinformatics, maths and related biological science stuff for the bioinformatics … Problem is because I have had illness and had to do reduced course loads… and sometimes get more sick and have to withdraw from a semester… So I’m not feeling proficient at anything…

HTML/CSS is a different major from what I’m doing…

Hello there,

What are you hoping to learn? freeCodeCamp walks you through mostly Fullstack web development with a bit of Python/Data Science/Machine Learning.

If you want to learn those topics, then have a look through some of the lessons to see what you are interested in/already know.

Personally, I would highly recommend you learn HTML/CSS, if you plan to learn any of the web development content. However, if you would prefer to learn more about Python, because you already have experience in it, then it is perfectly acceptable to start from the Scientific Computing with Python section.

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